Warhol’s New York

1970s photos by Anton Perich

ANTON PERICH is an American filmmaker, photographer and video artist born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1945. He was part of the Lettrist movement in Paris in the 1960s, photographed the scene at Max’s Kansas City in New York in the 70s, and covered the city’s nightlife and underground for Andy Warhol’s Interview.

A video pioneer, his provocative TV series “Anton Perich Presents” was a forerunner of reality TV, and his electric paintings prefigured electric-digital-computer art. Rush Bar is extremely pleased to present Anton Perich’s photographs as its first exhibit and first collection of licensable art.

1001  Max’s Kansas City habituée with jewels
1002  Andy Warhol, Nicky Weymouth, Vincent Fremont
1003  Ava Cherry, David Bowie
1004  Candy Darling
1005  Glenn O’Brien, Grace Jones
1006  Iggy Pop
1007  David Johansen
1008  Andy Warhol
1009  Max’s Kansas City
1010  Candy Darling
1011  John Rothermel of Cockettes
1012  Amanda Lear
1013  Richard Hell
1014  Angela Bowie, Cyrinda Foxe
1015  Jobriath, Mallory
1016  punk with knife
1017  Eric Emerson
1018  Robert Mapplethorpe
1019  Lou Reed
1020  Jason Holliday
1021  Arthur Kane, David Johansen
1022  punk with red shirt
1023  Andy Warhol
1024  Max’s Kansas City nude
1025  Wayne County
1026  Genevieve Waite, Andy Warhol
1027  Bianca Jagger, Andy Warhol
1028  Andy Warhol, Lance Loud
1029  Patti Hansen
1030  Nicky Weymouth, Andy Warhol
1031  Andy Warhol, Nicky Weymouth
1032  woman in red making a point
1033  Alice Cooper, Cindy Lang
1034  Elodie and Jean-Pierre Kalfon
1035  Joe
1036  Andy Warhol and friends
1037  David Johansen, Cyrinda Foxe
1038  Deborah Harry and band (Blondie)
1039  Potassa
1040  Deborah Harry (Blondie)
1041  torn dress dancer
1042  Sylvain Sylvain and friend
1043  Jackie Curtis
1044  torn dress dancer